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Welcome to the “No Hair, Just Finance” podcast, where we shed light on the finance industry with a twist—straight from the minds of those who are follically challenged. Our podcast dives deep into the heart of financial trends, challenges, and innovations, all while maintaining a light-hearted and accessible tone. Whether you’re a finance professional seeking insights into industry dynamics, a small business owner navigating financial waters, or simply a finance enthusiast eager to learn more, this podcast is for you.

Why should you tune in? Because finance doesn’t have to be dry or daunting. Whether you’re elbow-deep in the industry, running your own business, or just keen to pick up some financial tips without the jargon, we’ve got you covered. Our episodes are packed with expert insights, real-world advice, and candid conversations with guests from across the finance spectrum.

Jean-Pierre Gortan, a 25 year industry veteran, founder of Simplicity Loans & Advisory. He holds a number industry awards including 2023 Australian Broker of Year & Commercial Broker of the Year. JP is often mistaken for a financial oracle, might attribute his predictive prowess to the lack of hair interference.

Meanwhile, Dino Pacella, known for his uncanny ability to make even the driest financial regulations seem interesting, claims it’s his bald head that gives him the unique perspective. Dino’s passion for the broking industry led him to establish National Finance Brokers Day back in 2015 which has become a nationally recognised event which continues to raise the awareness of finance brokers, assist more consumers, educate brokers to level up, along with celebrating the work of over 25,000 people who are employed within the broking industry.

So, if you’re looking for a finance podcast that combines expertise with entertainment, “No Hair, Just Finance” is your go-to. It’s where the world of finance meets a couple of bald heads, ensuring you get your financial fix in the most engaging way possible.

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