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Dive into the world of ‘Moonshot’, where dreams become reality. Hosted by Tatjana Pandurevic, a former elite athlete who transitioned into a dynamic tech executive and e-commerce trailblazer. Each episode delves into the minds of thinkers who dare to dream and aim for greatness. Whether you’re chasing a dream, striving for personal advancement, or eager to amplify self-improvement, join us for compelling conversations that ignite your drive. Ready for a growth catalyst? Your Moonshot journey starts here.

Tatjana Pandurevic’s journey, from an elite tennis court to the forefront of tech innovation, embodies relentless adaptability and the quest for greatness. Holding pivotal roles at industry giants like Amazon Web Services and Dell EMC, she championed transformative tech solutions, while also spearheading Mool Australia, a trailblazing e-commerce brand prioritizing menstrual well-being.

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