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Love Island Is Killing People

Emmeline fills in for Katy again to join Sama and Marni and discuss the tragic death of Love Island host Caroline Flack, plus the latest Jameela Jamil controversy and Slowthai’s wild antics. Also, can having sex with more than 10 people give you cancer?

Not Even Jameela Is Woke Enough

Marni, Sama and producer Emmeline fills in for Katy, as they discuss Tom Hanks’ insane son, the latest in the Kesha vs Dr Luke debacle and the impending Friends reunion. They also dive into how Jameela Jamil felt pressured to come out due to a reality show.

Paul Reiffel’s Night

Do We Love Stuart Broad?

Menners, Paul and Jelisa are back together! An action-packed episode in which we preview the upcoming jam-packed cricket schedule, look at the England West Indies series, discuss whether we love, hate or ambivalent to Stuart Broad and even manage to preview the 2021/22 Ashes!

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