Hairdressing We Have A Problem

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Is the hairdressing industry dying a slow death?  Gen X hairstylist and veteran salon owner, Jules Peacocke thinks so.  In this 8-part series she shares tales of hairdressing gloom and doom, theft and deception, apathy and entitlement with a healthy dose of government bashing. What is going to save the industry from imploding and the rest of us from perpetual bad hair days? Subscribe, listen and have your say.

Jules Peacocke commenced her hairdressing apprenticeship in New Zealand in 1989 under the tutelage of incredibly talented and amazing stylists.  They were brutally honest, hard AF, brilliant and completely committed to growing the next generation of talented hairdressers.  Armed with great skills, Jules left NZ for a big city experience in London. After several years she came to Australia in search of high end hairdressing experiences and found none.  So, she built her own 26 years ago. Today, Jules is still passionate about her salon brand Lily Jackson Hairdressing but now has something to say about the industry to anyone that will listen.

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