Production Services

At Piccolo, our company provides all aspects of podcast production. From conception and editing to the distribution of your podcast, our experienced producers will guide you the entire way. Our podcast studio is located in Ultimo, Sydney, Australia and is equipped with the latest recording equipment, mics, and AV technology. But if coming into studio isn’t your thing, or you live internationally, we can help you execute remote recordings, making creating podcasts simple.

Piccolo Podcasts and Media offer a range of podcast and production services, catered specifically to your individual and business needs.   You can hire our Sydney podcast studio or we can produce your show.

    • Audio recording

    • Audio editing

    • Podcast producing

    • Assistance in podcast scripting, development & publishing

    • Studio hire

    • Video recording

    • Video editing

    • Video producing for business

    • Podcast consulting

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Podcast Studio Sydney

  • 12sqm Soundproof treated room

  • Layout of the studio can be moved around depending on the number of guests you have

  • Fits 4 panelists comfortably


  • Rode microphones – dynamic, condenser, USB, headset and lapel

  • Rodecaster Pro II studio console

  • ATEM Mini Extreme ISO – equipped with live camera switching and ideal for live streaming

  • 3x Sony DV-1 cameras – 2x capturing portfolio video, 1x capturing wide shot.

  • Professional studio lighting

  • All in our podcast studio Sydney

Audio Production

Piccolo offers all assets of podcast production, from:

      • Expert guidance and advice on podcast idea. We will guide you through the whole process of getting started on your show

      • Craft an engaging show title, show notes and show description to capture potential audiences

      • Scriptwriting to fit your brand strategy

      • Professional recording with one of our experienced producers in our sound treated studio, using our state of the art recording equipment.

      • Professional sound editing and engineering, including noise reduction, equalisation (EQ) and compression, removal of ‘umms’, stumbles and long pauses

      • Remote audio recording online via Zoom or other video conferencing software

      • Distribution of your show onto all of the popular podcasting platforms (such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts etc.)

Contact us today for your quote and free consultation with our Founder, Andrew Menczel


Video Production


  • Piccolo offers video production – An asset that other podcast production companies lack in.

  • When recording a podcast with us, we have the ability to film the entire recording, later turning these videos into either full-length videos for a BTS view of the entire podcast or short snippets for BTS on social media.

Contact us today and ask about our video options during your consultation for more information.

Need a place to record?


Our studio in Ultimo is available for hire, with the inclusion of all our equipment. With a soundproof room, top of the line recording equipment and microphones, you can create a professional sounding podcast without the huge costs.

There is also the option to include one of our industry professional producers to aid in the recording process of your podcast or audio piece.

Get in touch today for details and rates.

Studio with lights

Let our company with the best podcast producers help you. Visit our studio in Ultimo, Sydney Australia.

We have a number of packages available for brands and businesses.

We also now offer services in the Byron Bay area. Contact us for more info and we are on Designrush: