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The Goatcast, by Aussie cricket legend Nathan Lyon, is an open diary, inviting listeners to step into the cleats of some of the world’s finest athletes and their support teams. Hear the emotions, the unyielding dedication, and the untold stories that unfold both in the limelight and behind the scenes. Each episode contains a lesson, a story of defeat and victory, a ticket to the world of sports through the eyes of those who live it, and each episode is delivered with candour and wit.

Powered by, this podcast is part of Nathan’s salute to the sport of cricket. Goatdverse is a bridge to reduce the gap between fans and their sporting heroes. Its members can view up to 240 minutes of exclusive, behind-the-scenes content from the iconic Ashes 2023 and the World Test Championship. Members get a front-row seat to the spectacle of professional cricket. With live chats and Q&A’s on offer, members of Goatdverse have much to look forward to.

Hailing from the heart of country NSW, Nathan, with his tally of 496 test wickets to date is more than a cricketer. He is a sharer of stories, a song master for victory celebrations, an advocate for inclusivity, and a passionate ambassador for the sport.

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