About Piccolo

Piccolo Podcasts and Media are a full-service podcast production company, creating branded and original shows. We tailor all of our services to your needs, ensuring the best possible outcome for you and your podcast.

founder of piccolo podcasts

A trusted name in podcasts


Piccolo Podcasts was founded by Andrew Menczel who began podcasting in 2013. Piccolo’s Sydney Podcast Studio opened in 2020. Menczel has been at the forefront of podcasting in Australia, and began creating audio as a hobby when few knew what a podcast was. A skilled broadcaster, he produced Cricket Unfiltered for Newscorp Australia from 2017-2019 and has been nominated twice for podcasting awards. His experience, technical skills and ear for talent make him a leader in the industry.  The Sydney Podcast studio opened in February 2020.  We can produce your podcast or you can just hire our Sydney podcast studio.

Podcasts unique as you and your business


Piccolo Podcasts is a podcast studio that can produce the right show for you and your audience. From conception, to casting, recording and distribution, we look after it all. We can create a range of shows to suit your needs, including interview series, chat shows, short or ongoing series, remotely or in person. Get in touch so we can figure out what your business needs.  The podcast studio is also for hire for external producers.

Meet the Team


  • Multi award winning podcast producer for Sport and True Crime, 3 awards and 6 nominations.
  • 2013 Started podcasting with the first weekly Australian cricket podcast
  • 2016 produced first branded podcast for Rebel Sports
  • 2017 hired by Newscorp to produce a national cricket podcast
  • Interview with Stuart MacGill archived in NFSA Canberra
  • 2019 founded Piccolo Podcasts so brands can achieve podcast goals
  • 2020 opened Piccolo Podcasts Production centre
  • Major brands like ASX and Macquarie Uni Sign with Piccolo 
  • Worked on over 20 shows and with a number of major brands 

Andrew Menczel