Teaching Unstoppable Confidence with Shelly Horton

February 7, 2020


This episode’s guest has taught me a lot about putting in the work and showing up with confidence. For over twenty five years Shelly Horton has had an exciting and diverse career as a journalist and presenter across television, print, digital and radio. As someone who grew up in a small country town called Kingaroy in Queensland, Shelly’s story is not only a great example of how to get your dream job but also how to keep fighting for what you want when others might be trying to bring you down.

From fibbing her way onto the camera to read the sports news during a major bulletin in London to reporting and presenting for several major networks in Australia, Shelly has never been afraid to forge her own path. She is currently a regular commentator on Channel’s 9’s Today and Today Extra, hosts 9Honey’s Talking Honey, He Said/She Said, and Talking Married, and is also a sought after speaker and MC.

In 2016, Shelly and her husband Darren took the leap and launched their own business, ShellShocked Media – a full service video production agency drawing on Shelly’s media prowess and Darren’s experience behind the camera. Shelly is also an expert at helping people find their ‘inner Beyoncé’ through her media and presentation training and she is my go-to clients who need to hone their presentation skills.

We caught up at her home slash office slash training studio to talk about how the media’s attitude to looks has evolved since she was told she was ‘too fat for TV’, to what to do when you just can’t help but read the comments.

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Producer: Andrew Menczel

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