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Shibly Mustapha - How can you and your fur babies have a happy healthy life and save some money in the process?

May 1, 2020


Do you love your pets? Tune in today as we find out some simple tactics to save money. We are excited to have Dr Shibly Mustapha join us.

Dr Shibly is a senior veterinary surgeon, who’s been practicing for 17 years. He’s the owner of a group of clinics in Brisbane and advises several others.

Shibly’s side-gig is Editor in Chief of 'Love your Pets' magazine and his upcoming book sounds awesome, “Healthy Pets, Unhappy Vets”. I’m guessing it’s jam packed with money saving ideas!

Right now Shibly’s focus is on helping Pet Parents to become proactive with their pet's care, so that everyone in the household can enjoy happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Access Dr Shibly’s e-book on his landing page: Download a Free Copy of 16 Principles Every Pet Owner Needs To Know here: 

Connect with  Dr Shibly on Facebook : 

Access Love Your Pets Magazine here: 

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