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January 20, 2020


My guest for episode two of the Influence Unlocked podcast lists ‘university drop out’ on his LinkedIn profile. He’s also made the AFR Young Rich List for four years running. Nick Bell is a serial entrepreneur who launched his digital marketing agency WME Australia from his bedroom in 2008 and went on to sell it for a cool $39 million in 2017. In the past decade he has built ten digital agencies including his latest venture, Removify, and a personal fortune of $217 million, with close to 1,000 staff working under him at multiple offices across the globe.

In spite of his astonishing rise to the rich list, he remains a deeply humble, open and down-to-earth guy who was more than happy to share his insights on life and business for this episode.

Listen in to find out what Nick does when colleagues turn into copycats, his advice for hiring and building a great team culture, and what he has to say to startups wanting to raise capital from investors like him. Also, listen in to find out how a cow called Bonox inspired Nick to use some of his wealth to make the world a kinder place with his latest venture!

Influence Unlocked is hosted by Samantha Dybac, founder of The PR Hub, and produced by Piccolo Podcasts.

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