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Karen Hall - Curious about how people build brands and influence?

May 1, 2020


Karen Hall is our guest today. She is the Founder and Director of 101 Things Marketing. She provides companies with marketing strategies and the execution expertise and ‘grunt’ (do it for you) to generate leads and grow their businesses.

You don’t want to miss the discussion about the importance of creating business assets for the time, that are consistent with your brand and that keep you in the presence of your ideal customer.

Hear Karen talk about how in a twist of luck, her business has been virtual since inception 5 years ago, with her team working remotely throughout Australia, NZ, Europe, and South America. Which has meant that she can carry on with business as usual and dedicate her time to helping those businesses affected by the COVID19 pandemic.

Karen’s business recently won the 2020 Australian Enterprise Award Most Innovative Marketing Consultancy in Sydney, and she talks to us about what that means to her and her business. And how awards can help you too.

Karen leaves us with five things that listeners can do right now to set their businesses up for the future.

Contact Karen:

Karen Hall: +61 447 682 635

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