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Ellen Baron - Are you positioning yourself and business with compelling marketing, for a win, win, win?!

August 6, 2020


My guest today is Ellen Baron. Ellen and a couple of colleagues founded Ruby Cha Cha during the GFC in 2008, now she’s running the team solo having bought out the other founders. She has over 30 years’ experience in qualitative research and has a reputation for delivering high-end strategy and marketing insights. Ellen has won numerous awards in the research space and was listed in publications such as BRW Fast 100, 3 years running, as well as Anthill’s innovative company awards. Ellen advocates for a consumer lead pathway for brands to co-create a more successful campaign and product.

Ellen will tell you she is genuinely passionate about the consumer journey and loves talking to people about how they respond to consumer brands. She’s certainly had a long and fruitful career helping businesses grow. She has a generosity of spirit, seeks excellence yet, at the same time, is pragmatic. I’m eager to hear more.

If you’d like to reach Ellen, go to or reach out at to take her up on one of the amazing offers mentioned in the show.
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