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Dr Brett Taylor - What are you doing to simplify life?

August 6, 2020


Our guest for this episode says he has spent thirty years writing a book about life, he has strong opinions that are loosely held and his cv is dull and dangerous to your health. Dr. Brett Taylor is quite the comedic talent. I've spent many hours in the chair at his Sydney dental practice. I can't wait to share his secrets to "Simplifying Life: Simple Steps for Finding Your Way (in a complex world)." Brett has diverse business interests and has spent more than his share of time on the speaking circuit. He once told me he used one slide to talk for 3 hours about a particular topic! In his day job, he's an outstanding dentist who has won many accolades. They include fellowships from Pierre Fauchard Academy, The Academy of Dentistry International, and The American College of Dentists, to which he insists it is a mystery, and he's not sure what they were thinking!

Brett is passionate about helping patients improve their oral health and help them achieve a beautiful smile. He has a great sense of humour and doesn't take himself too seriously. Brett and I sat down for a chat about why he'd make a terrible employee and what he learned after writing the book.

You can reach Brett on his company website
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