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Anthea Falkiner - From Winging it, to Winning with money

August 6, 2020


Our guest today is Anthea Falkiner. She says that 12 years ago, she was winging it with her finances.  Today, her company, Bright Spenders, have a unique system that allows their clients to pay off debt and save faster for whatever it is that excites them in life. She wanted to educate her kids, travel, do stuff she loves and not have to worry about budgeting all the time. Back then Anthea had a great ‘live for the day’ mentality. Today, 11 years later, she’s developed a spending plan that has helped her clients save a combined $1.5 million dollars in the last few years alone! She describes this system as a “GPS for your finance”.

Anthea has been featured in articles from Money Magazine and she’s also appeared on Channel 7’s Weekend Sunrise.

Anthea helps her clients get the basics right, so that they are better prepared financially and equipped for when they’re ready to see a Financial Adviser. I’m looking forward to our chat today.

You can reach Anthea on her website, she recommends popping over to the Free Resources Tab, where you can access some fantastic tools. You can also connect with her on Facebook @brightspenders.

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